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Polymath is always making headlines in the world of crypto. Check out our blog to see what’s new in the world of security tokens.

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At Polymath, we’re always keeping an eye on the latest news and developments in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In this weekly column, we’ll be rounding up the biggest stories from the past week so you can stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings. Here’s what’s been going on in the world of crypto this week:

-The price of Bitcoin surged to a new all-time high on Wednesday, surpassing $17,000 for the first time ever. The digital currency has now gained more than 15% in value over the past week alone, and is up nearly 150% since the start of 2017.

-Ethereum’s price also hit a new all-time high on Wednesday, surging past $500 for the first time. The digital currency has now gained more than 25% in value over the past week and is up more than 2,500% since the start of 2017.

-The total value of all cryptocurrencies hit a new all-time high on Wednesday, surpassing $600 billion for the first time ever. The figure has more than doubled over the past month and is up more than 3,000% since the start of 2017.

-Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it is now supporting Bitcoin Cash, a fork of Bitcoin that was created earlier this year. Coinbase had previously said that it would not support Bitcoin Cash, but changed its mind after receiving “significant customer interest.”

That’s all for this week! Be sure to check back next week for all the latest crypto news and updates.

What is Polymath?

Polymath is a platform that makes it easy for companies to issue and manage security tokens. The company aims to provide a one-stop shop for all the tools and services necessary to launch a compliant security token offering. Polymath’s ultimate goal is to bring the $10 trillion securities market onto the blockchain.

The Polymath platform is built on Ethereum and uses the ERC-20 standard for security tokens. The platform has its own native token, POLY, which is used to pay fees and incentivize network participants.

So far, Polymath has partnered with some big names in the cryptocurrency space, including Bancor, Blockfolio, Civic, and Kyber Network. The company has also secured investments from Tim Draper, BlockTower Capital, and blockchain VC firm Kenetic Capital.

Polymath in the News

Polymath is a company that is making headlines in the world of cryptocurrency. They are a company that is working on a platform that will allow for the creation of security tokens. This is a big deal because it will make it easier for companies to issue securities on the blockchain. Polymath is also working on a number of other projects that are sure to make waves in the world of cryptocurrency.

Polymath on Cointelegraph

In an exclusive interview, Polymath co-founder and CEO Trevor Koverko discusses the company’s mission to tokenize securities, the benefits of security tokens, and the challenges of working with regulators.

“Our long-term vision is to create a world where any asset can be tokenized,” Koverko said. “We want to tokenize traditional assets like equities, bonds, and real estate, as well as more illiquid assets like art and hedge funds.”

Polymath is one of the leading companies in the security token space. The company has created a platform that makes it easier for companies to issue security tokens. Polymath has also worked with regulators to create a framework for regulating security tokens.

“Working with regulators has been one of our biggest challenges,” Koverko said. “We want to work with them to create a regulatory framework that will allow companies to issue security tokens in a compliant manner.”

Koverko also discussed the benefits of security tokens. He said that security tokens have the potential to make the financial system more efficient by making it easier for people to invest in a wider range of assets.

“Security tokens have the potential to unlock trillions of dollars worth of value that is currently locked up in illiquid assets,” Koverko said. “This will create new opportunities for investors and pave the way for a more efficient and global financial system.”

Polymath on Crypto Briefing

Polymath on Crypto Briefing

Welcome to our regular update on all things Polymath! In this edition, we’re pleased to share that our very own CEO and co-founder, Chris Housser, was interviewed by Crypto Briefing.

In the wide-ranging interview, Chris discussed a variety of topics, including the Polymath platform and its potential to transform the world of securities. He also spoke about the company’s recent successes, such as our partnership with tZERO and the launch of our highly anticipated ST20 token standard.

Chris had this to say about the opportunity thatPolymath is pursuing:

“I think there’s a massive opportunity in front of us to onboard trillions of dollars worth of securities onto the blockchain…The way I see it, we’re really building the infrastructure and the ecosystem necessary to make that happen.”

You can read the full interview here: https://cryptobriefing.com/polymath-ceo-chris-housser-interview/

Polymath on Bitcoinist

In an article published on Bitcoinist, a finance and cryptocurrency news site, Polymath is featured as a project to watch in the security token space. The article discusses how Polymath is working to create a platform that helps issuers create and manage security tokens, and highlights some of the company’s recent achievements.


In conclusion, Polymath is making waves in the world of cryptocurrency, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With their innovative platform and experienced team, they are well-positioned to continue making a big impact in the space. We’ll be keeping a close eye on them in the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates!

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